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"Lee Capps has changed my life for the better. He's introduced me and colleagues within my company to an extensive fitness regime that includes Kettlebells, boxing and other various cardio exercise. Ive lost over 17lbs all because of him and his attitude to training. He gives great advice and helpful tips and is always on hand to assist with any queries we may have. I have been doing this for well over a year now and shall continue to do this as it has become part of my daily life"

Kara Keating - RCI Europe

"After struggling to lose the last stone of baby weight, I decided to enrol the help of a personal trainer to help. Lee came along and advised me on the best kind of workouts to do and over the next few weeks we embarked on a boxing and kettlebell program.
I can honestly say, it was a pleasure to work with Lee. He consistently encouraged me and made me realise that workouts could be fun as well as rewarding. In just a few weeks, i saw my body shape transform and I became very confident again (something I had lost a lot of was confidence)
I am now a dress size smaller and can work my way through lots of different kettlebell routines. If you are a new mum reading this or perhaps someone who hasn't entered a gym in years, get on the case and phone Lee, he will get you back to being confident in no time!"

Rosie - Northampton

"Lee is always extremely professional and reliable and delivers some fantastic sessions which our players have thoroughly enjoyed, the boxing in particular really tested all of the players as it took them out of their comfort zone and they responded fantastically well under Lee's direction.

We look forward to continuing to work with Lee and A1 personal training in the future".

Tim Mason - Director of Cricket at Kibworth Cricket Club, Leicestershire.


"Having had a fantastic Personal Trainer prior to moving to Northampton, I was convinced that I would never find anybody to match up. I had met with two trainers prior to meeting Lee and neither one of them really understood my requirements. It was with skepticism that I went to meet with Lee but from the very beginning he understood and was supportive of my very specific requirements. Trainer a competition surfer back to fitness without any water was going to be no mean feat,

The sessions were challenging but led with the right level of sternness when needed but always with good humour and bags of encouragement. Programmes were tailored to what I needed and even when I had to work abroad, Lee provided detailed workouts for me to do and was always on hand via email if I had any questions.

It is only due to relocation that I am ending my programme with Lee, but the results to now have been great and I'm back at a fitness level required to surf to my heart's content."

Miss J- Northamptonshire

"Hey Lee, back in February i asked for some help as i was overweight, unfit and had just taken on the challenge to climb Kilimanjaro. Well i leave tomorrow, 2 stone lighter and a lot fitter, and it's all down to your help, support and kettlebells. It's been painful at times but always a laugh, so thanks mate you're a top man!"


"Lee is pleasant, friendly and a very helpful person. On visiting a gym for the first time in years after two back operations and another one looking imminent Lee put me at ease quickly and helped me find the training programme that will help me get fit again. A big worry for myself was aggravating my back, but I had to do something about the weight that I had slowly gained over the last several years and this was something Lee understood and as well as the training programme he was able to discuss useful dietary tips to help me further."

"Lee’s knowledge has helped me tremendously without putting myself through any further pain or discomfort. In fact I feel better now than I have in a long time. I would highly recommend Lee as a personal trainer as with his help I am already well on my way to a fitter and healthier life." 


I have just completed avery enjoyable six week course with Lee using kettlebells and boxing.

From the start i found Lee very friendly and easy to get on with. He introduced me to the kettlebells and we did lots of different workouts using endless combinations. We exercised in the garden on nice evenings and also in the house, you can be very adaptable.

I think it's a brilliant way to burn fat, and have an all over body workout. It was always challenging and fun and anyone can do it. We also did boxing at the end of each session which i also really enjoyed.

By combining healthy eating and exercise i have lost weight, lowered my BMI and blood pressure.

I would definitely recommend this form of exercise and it's a great way of staying fit and healthy at any age.



Being a born couch potato with a desk job unfortunately also resulted in my having the fitness levelsand body of a potato....

After quite a few years of crazy fad diets and yo-yo weight loss and trying to "do it" on my own i have finally realised that only exercise combined with healthy eating is going to give me real long term results - and that's where Lee comes in!

I originally dreaded wearing a gym outfit and making a fool of myself by not being able to do any of the workouts. There was however no need for my fear as Lee is completely non judgemental. His only interest is in helping each client achieve their fitness and weight goals.

Lee is completely professional and creates individually tailored sessions combining kettlebells and boxing. Each and every session is different and he continually pushes me to achieve more.

It's now eight weeks since i've first started training with lee and i cannot believe how much fitter i am already and my body fat percentage is going down too!

Yes, the training is hard work but i am enjoying them immensely and i'm definitely "in it" for the long-term and would recommend Lee to anyone of any age, sex or fitness level.

Irmgard (Oakley Vale)

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